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Love Yourself

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Love Yourself

Ruchy Khurana

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Look around today and you'll find all kinds of people celebrating V-Day in many different ways. Some are showing off flowers from their beloveds while others are sulking in corners, eternally flowerless. The truly lucky ones are walking around completely oblivious to the candy, chocolates and paper hearts. These ones shall inherit the earth, I say. 

As for me, Valentines Day is just one more day to cross off the calendar. I bought heart shaped candy moulds on sale last week, which is the extent of my acknowledgement of this “holiday”. Well, that and this Valentine’s Day themed blog.

What I’m more interested in is the idea of pampering someone you love - showing them (in a largely material way) that you care. This got me thinking - self love is considered love, right? When do we celebrate THAT kind of love?

Maybe February 14 is the day that we break out of the culturally acceptable shell of modesty, bashfulness and self deprecation and really celebrate ourselves. I’m sure that if we dig deep enough, we can find a couple of things we are good at and have improved on. Private victories can still be rewarded, after all. 

Now, if we can identify some the various reasons we deserve to be loved (loved by ourselves),  then surely we can find a way to pamper ourselves as well. 

It could be something fancy (like gifting yourself with a season’s pass to a museum), or something simple (like a solo dance party with the music blaring), or it could be none of the above (like downloading 7 dirty books onto your Kindle).   

Whichever way you decide to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day, just make sure you DO.

So if you are smart/kind/hilarious/generous/sharp/beautiful/quirky or have a nice butt, celebrate it! 

Love yourself.

(And NEVER hack into my Kindle account).



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